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The official continuing education tracking tool for over 130 boards

Increase on-time education compliance, streamline audits, and monitor progress - all at no cost.

Trusted by boards across the nation

Managing over 1 billion course completions and growing

Transform your audit process

Verification made simple

he Board Suite gives licensing boards a modern system that helps alleviate the clerical, time-intensive processes of verifying license renewal requirements.

Streamlined digital audits

Complete fast and accurate verifications using centralized, digital records from one easy-to-use platform.
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Automated compliance check

Offset the need for manual audits by adding an automatic continuing education check to your license renewal system.
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Get a complete view of your licensees

Drive efficiency with centralized records

A user-friendly dashboard gives you a real-time view of your licensee population with centralized compliance data reported directly from education providers.

Real-time insights

Always have a pulse on compliance across your licensees with the Board Suite’s reporting dashboard.

Automatic reporting

Get trusted course completion data from board-approved education providers reporting to CE Broker.
Connect continuing education in one place

Approve and manage education

CE Broker’s Course Search is designed so licensees can view continuing education content by approved education providers, giving them a clear path to compliance.

Provider application system

Approve education providers and courses directly through your Board Suite. Get helpful notifications about applications and reminders when registrations are due for renewal.

Approved course directory

Present your licensees with a comprehensive list of approved courses that fulfill their unique requirements. Education providers will report completed courses directly to their CE Broker account.
We are dedicated to your success

World-class support

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and know how to help licensing boards succeed. As part of this commitment to our clients’ success, we provide fully-managed, U.S. based support for board staff and your licensees at no cost.

For board staff

We support your board staff every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing dedicated support. Our user-friendly platform doesn’t require IT resources to be successful.

For licensees

CE Broker’s U.S. based team of experts are trained on each licensed profession’s renewal requirements. They are available to answer licensee requests through phone, email, and chat.

A modern approach to continuing education compliance in one intuitive platform.

Built for boards
CE Broker’s highly configurable software maps to your licensure requirements and can connect with your licensing system.
Designed for licensees
A single app for licensees to find, complete, track and report continuing education, store documentation, and maintain their licensure.
Integrated with education
Over 10,000 education providers list courses and report to CE Broker - more than any other tracking system.

Compatible with the top licensing and enforcement systems

CE Broker uses industry-leading standards to provide our clients with complete data security and availability. Learn more about our security framework

Trusted by boards across the nation

CE Broker has been a true asset to the DOH. They have been a tremendous support to our Department through-out each renewal cycle
CE Broker has been a great help in tracking licensee continuing education and has been a very big help in our board audits of licensees at renewal.
CE Broker is a tremendous time saver. Being able to see at a glance if someone is compliant with their CE requirements is an incredible help to the office.
CE Broker greatly improved our system of managing CE and didn’t add anything to our budget. It’s a great solution for the board.
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Frequently asked questions

How much does CE Broker cost licensing boards?
CE Broker provides a no-cost solution for licensing boards. For over 20 years, we have offered comprehensive continuing education compliance tools through our Board Suite for free and we have no plans to change this.

There are no costs to a board for implementation, for ongoing support, or for any customization to a board’s laws, regulations, and unique requirements.
If CE Broker is free for licensing boards, how does CE Broker make money?
Licensing boards, education providers, and licensed professionals are all able to use our services completely free of charge.

We are funded through voluntary, premium services for licensed professionals and education providers and we are proud to operate a business model that only earns revenue by going above and beyond expectations.

Everything a licensee needs to track and manage their continuing education is available at no cost. They can voluntarily choose to purchase our premium subscriptions that make it even easier for them to manage their continuing education. We also offer a number of premium services to education providers, such as hosting a course on CE Broker.
Can professionals licensed under a board that does not partner with CE Broker sign up for an account and report to their board?
No, CE Broker works directly with a board to create an official platform for continuing education compliance audits that are based on each board’s specific rules and regulations for competency.

For this reason, we require an official relationship with each board before licensees are able to register their license for an account. This allows us to use input from the board staff and authenticate data in coordination with the board to verify requirements for each license account.
Do we need to require our licensees to use CE Broker?
No, CE Broker can be introduced to your licensees as a voluntary resource to streamline a board’s audits and improve competency rates.

In scenarios where a licensing board strongly encourages the use of CE Broker, but does not require it, engagement rates can still exceed 70% of the licensed population. Our goal is to make continuing education management easier for licensees and the board staff, whether participation is mandatory or not.
Can CE Broker work alongside our current licensing system and/or database?
Absolutely. CE Broker can be used as an independent auditing platform to help alleviate board staff time and resources. In this scenario, we would simply need regular access to up-to-date license information, which is often the same information publicly available, in order to calculate continuing education requirements.

CE Broker can also be connected through our API to transmit compliance data back to your system. Our platform is designed to work with a wide array of licensing systems, from an enterprise licensing database to a custom built licensing and enforcement system.

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