Environmental responsibility

CE Broker's sustainability practices and goals

Our commitment

We are on a mission to bring modern technology to continuing education and the regulatory world to transform manual, paper-based processes into digital solutions that reduce paper consumption.

Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our company values, our operations, and extends far beyond our innovative software. We understand that environmental responsibility can't come from the top down alone. To produce concrete positive change, we aim to find ways to democratize it and empower our team with real tools that make them a part of our commitment to sustainability.

Achieve more, leave less

Carbon Neutral
CE Broker is a carbon-neutral organization. We offset 100% of our CO2 output with renewable energy and carbon credits.

Renewable Energy
CE Broker's offices are fueled by Green-e certified renewable energy. Each month our offices invest in wind energy certificates to balance the electricity consumed.

Source sustainably

Consume consciously
We encourage employees to eat locally grown organic food by offering a subsidized cost-sharing program.

Remote collaboration
We support flexible, remote work and give our team the technology and tools to be productive from anywhere. This helps reduce the amount of time employees spend on the road, and thus, reduces our carbon footprint.

Power to the people

Local impact
We organize and participate in beach, trail, and park cleanups. Through our Paid Volunteer Time Off benefit, employees can spend time in their local communities helping initiatives that make a positive impact on the environment.

Better options
Our teams have access to sustainable commuting options when we come together to collaborate. We offer our Boulder team free public transportation passes and we outfit our Jacksonville office with communal bikes.

Think Green

We believe thinking green leads to acting green - it begins with a mindset. This mindset steers the goals we set, the culture we create, and drives us to work harder on our journey to protect our planet.

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